Seven Questions for Week One

The first lesson with a new group can be challenging…

You probably don´t know exactly what jobs the participants do, what they need English for, what motivates them, what they enjoy and what turns off. Coupled with a reluctance to speak freely, which can be attributed to the novelty of the situation and the unknown elements inherent in it, getting them talking is often harder than it otherwise would be.

I have put together seven questions about the participants´ work situation (past and present) and their attitudes towards it, which could be used in the first week of a one-to-one, small or larger group course. The participants´answers to the questions will not only give you an idea of their command of tenses and  vocabulary range, but also give you a good overview of what their job involves and, therefore, how you can help them find solutions to the problems their jobs may pose in terms of communicating in English.


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2 responses to “Seven Questions for Week One

  1. natalie

    Great! I usually have a conversational class about students’ jobs, likes/dislikes, reasons for studying English to kick the course off. But the usual “I want to improve my English” has been such a typical and…. rather unworkable answer that I’ve been looking for new ways of going about the first session.
    Your questions are designed really well and should lead to interesting discussion. I like it that they ask students to reveal their attitudes towards their current and past jobs, not just the facts.

  2. Hi Claire,

    Just posted a link to this on the TeachingEnglish facebook page if you’d like to check for comments.



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