A Disabled-Access Friendly World: A Lesson for the Business English classroom

I´ve taken up Marisa Constantinides´ blog challenge to create lessons for the ELT classroom that are designed to promote a disabled-access friendly world.

Marisa Constantinides´ Blog Challenge

Disabled-access is a cause which normally gets far too little attention, despite the huge number of people who are effected by it. Any action which helps to raise awareness of it, can only be positive. It´s good to know that a group of English teachers in Greece have taken on the challenge of raising awareness of this issue and are doing brilliant work to promote the cause. You can join their Facebook group Greek “Disabled Access Friendly”.

Greek “Disabled-Access Friendly” Facebook Group

I decided to approach the blog challenge from the point of view of Business English and create a lesson plan which would be accessible and relevant for participants in in-company training. My lesson looks at the challenges to access that the disabled face as they travel to their workplace, invites the participants to compare the situation in their country with that in Greece and then culminates in a meeting role-play where the participants have to reach decisions on a future strategy for making their workplace more disabled-access friendly- not forgetting to consider the costs inherent in such developments and the time-frame over which they could be implemented.

This is a paperless lesson, so it´s also environmentally-friendly! All you need is a whiteboard or a flipchart, some marker pens and a projector connected up to a laptop or PC on which you can show the YouTube video clip.

How can we make our company more accessible for the disabled?


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11 responses to “A Disabled-Access Friendly World: A Lesson for the Business English classroom

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  2. Brilliant lesson, Claire, and not only for a Business English class, dare I add.

    If you skip over budgeting issues which might not be so easy for a general English class, all the other parts are highly suited and really suit this challenge!

    Thanks ever so much for contributing to this bank of materials and to the raising of awareness which is so needed in many societies in the world.


    • Hi Marisa,

      I´m really pleased that you liked my lesson plan, I enjoyed writing it and it´s proven successful in class this week.

      You´re right in that it could easily be adapted for a general English lesson too.

      Thanks for your blog post for the DAF- I really enjoyed it- and all the other great posts you write.


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  4. Hi Claire,
    Just posted a link to this on the TeachingEnglish facebook page if you’d like to check for comments.

    Please feel free to post there when you have anything you’d like to share.



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  7. Luke

    Thanks, Clare. Great lesson.

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