Green English or what would motivate us to do our part?

When I decided to take on the challenge of writing a lesson for “Green English” I wasn´t sure exactly what angle I should take. I didn´t want to bore the people who would read and hopefully use it by going on about the ozone layer, polar bears, glaciers and renewable energy- we all know that the above need to be either protected or exploited. I felt rather that a more interesting perspective on this topic would be what motivates or de-motivates us from actually doing something about this situation that we are all aware of.  You can be the greatest expert on polar bears that there is, but if you don´t actually do a little something to contribute to the protection of the environment, any chance of making a positive difference to the future of our planet will be lost. I found that the second conditional linked in neatly with the question of what motivates us and thought that this could be a different way to look at this staple of English grammar. I must admit that I was also inspired by Jamie Keddie´s recent lesson plan: The Candle Problem on, which tackles the issue of motivation. Although this lesson is not exclusively a Business English lesson, the issue of motivation and, not least, motivating our learners to learn English is a particularly relevant one for Business English teachers.

Download the lesson plan here.

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