Linkedin in the classroom

Last week I finally got round to creating a profile for myself on What spurred me into action was thr combination of an excellent workshop with Graham Stanley on using social networking for personal and professional development at the IATEFL BESIG Summer Symposium in Preston and the fact that around the same time I saw a job advertisement which stated that a link to the applicant´s Linkedin profile would be a suitable substitute for sending in a CV. For those who are not familiar with Linkedin, let me fill you in on some details…

Linkedin is a website which has over one hundred million users worldwide. Those users share information about their education, qualifications, certifications, previous and current employment with others in order to build “connections.”  You can connect with people that you might want to collaborate with on a project, who might want to offer you a job or who you might want to offer a job to, if you work in HR or are an employer yourself. You can also join a group on Linkedin which will enable you to connect with users who share an interest with you, belong to the same association, went to the same school, college, university or who work or have worked in the same company. According to the rules of Linkedin users may only connect with people that they know in real life, who are already connected with one of their connections or who are members of the same group.

So how can this site be an aid to learning? Linkedin seems to be a great resource for the Business English classroom because it provides easy access to a range of authentic information about people´s working lives. This kind of material is, of course, particularly relevant to English learners working in Human Resources departments, but could prove interesting  to anyone who wants to be able to talk about their job and their professional background in English and would be  particularly relevant for job-seekers who are in English training. This lesson plan, therefore, represents my proposal for how we could incorporate Linkedin into a lesson. The lesson involves using the website in the classroom, so internet access either on a company computer, laptop or a mobile device is needed.


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