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I was thrilled to be asked to contribute a post to the IATEFL Business English Special Interest Group (BESIG) World Blog because I´m a big fan of BESIG and all the hard work they do to promote Business English and support those who teach it.

I considered writing on a few different topics, before finally deciding to discuss the issue of teacher motivation within the Business English world. I have put together some tips for boosting teacher motivation, which work for me and, I hope, other BE teachers will also find useful.

The message that I hope people take away from reading this post is that: while learner motivation is undoubtedly very important and necessary if our learners are to improve their English skills, teacher motivation is also very important, if we are to teach memorable lessons which result in learning happening and if we are to meet the needs of our learners. Giving your motivation a boost, however, can easily be done and doesn´t require you to spend a lot of money or give up a lot of your time.

Please leave a comment below on this topic, if you also have an idea for boosting teacher motivation to share or would like to tell us about your own experiences.

Here´s the link to the BESIG World Blog.

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