Temporary Workers and Permanent Employees: An A2 Lesson

This week I used a Business English text by Phil Wade from the St George´s International Blog: Temping ticks all the right boxes with a B2 group. The learners were really interested in and engaged with the topic. They had all done temporary work of some kind in the past and although they are employed on a permanent basis by the company where they work, they had colleagues who were temps. The vocabulary found in this text was also the type of vocabulary which is frequently called for within Business English, such as appy/ application/ wages/ salary/ contract/ contractor.

Taking my inspiration from this post, I decided to create a 90 minute lesson for A2 or pre-intermediate learners based around temporary workers and permanent employees and the differences in their work situations. The language point of the lesson is, therefore, making comparisons. A listening exercise is included as part of the lesson, but I haven´t recorded this dialogue, although I plan to ask two of my learners to volunteer their services as readers next week and then upload the mp3 file to this blog too. If you´re using this lesson, you might like to ask two of your learners to read the dialogue aloud and you might even want to make a recording of them too, as listening back to a recording of yourself speaking in a foreign language can be a great way to build learner´s awareness of pronunciation in itself.

The Important Words in this Unit section at the start of the lesson is designed to make learners aware right from the start what vocabulary they will encounter in the lesson and if print-outs of the material were given to learners in advance they could possibly check any new vocab prior to the lesson. The space to the side of the word can be used for the learners´notes–they may want to write the word(s) in their own first language or note down an explanation of what the words mean in English. They could tick off those they already feel confident using.

Any feedback on the content of this lesson would be much appreciated. Click here to download it.


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2 responses to “Temporary Workers and Permanent Employees: An A2 Lesson

  1. I’m really happy you found the text useful.

    You put a lot of effort into the worksheet, your students must be impressed. About the transcript, did you write and record it or is it one from the net?


    • Hi Phil,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, the learners enjoyed the lesson and we got talking about lots of interesting work-related stuff. I wrote the transcript myself and now I´ve recorded two of my learners reading it aloud.I figured if I really want to be a materials writer (which I do), I´d better get writing some material!

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