How much time do you spend online? An independent study activity for my trainees

Here´s an activity I created today for a group of 19-20 year old trainees I teach in a logistics company. I won´t be able to teach them this Friday as I´ll be at the IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference in Stuttgart, Germany, so I wanted to give them something to do to keep them occupied and keep up their contact with English while I was away. This is a very mixed group with learners from high B1 to low C1, but each of them can communicate according to their own abilities while completing this task.

Here are your instructions for this week´s English task:
1. Please complete it by Friday, 23rd November
2 You can do all (or nearly all) of it online
3. Look as this infographic (an infographic is information presented in the form of a graphic) about how people spend their time online:
4. Make a note of: a) one thing in the infographic that you didn´t already know
                                      b) one thing in the infographic that you find surprising
                                      c) one thing in the infographic that you find interesting
5. Think about how you spend your time online and either:
                            a) write a 300 word report–you can either email this to me or bring a paper copy of it to the lesson
OR                     b) give a 2 minute presentation  about it in the next lesson
6. Points you could include in the report or presentation are:
a) How much time do you spend online in an average week?
b) How do you usually go online: on a computer, using your phone or using another device?
c) What percentage of your time do you spend on the following activities: social networking, online shopping, searches, multi-media websites, communication (including email), reading content?
d) Do you think you spend too much of your time online: if so do you plan to change your habits? If so, do you have any tips for those who spend too much time online–how can they reduce the amount of time they spend online?
e) How do you think people will spend their time online in the future? Do you think it will change, and, if so, how do you think it will change?
Please let me know if you have any questions about my instructions or if anything is unclear. I´ll be away at the conference tomorrow and Friday, but I´ll still be able to check my email. Looking forward to some interesting presentations and reports next week. If you choose to write a report please either: email it to me or bring the paper copy of it to the lesson. If you choose to do a presentation, you can do the presentation in the lesson next week or the week after next if you can not come to the lesson next week.

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